Shop Academy — Coming Soon!

The ultimate e-commerce guide.

Learn to launch and grow your e-commerce business using Shopify.

Shop Academy is a comprehensive online library of resources that allow you to build and grow your Shopify store without the need for a web developer.

Shop Academy is right for you if:

  • You have an online presence and are looking to create your custom line of products
  • You are a creator who is looking to launch a line of merch
  • You are currently on an e-commerce platform (Etsy, Magento…) and you’re looking to migrate to Shopify
  • You already have a well-performing online Shopify store, but want to learn more about automation, systemization and growth
  • You work for a company that uses Shopify and need to train your staff how to use it (we cover the basics in the opening modules)
  • You want to be part of an online community of like-minded business owners looking to sustainably grow their business


Shop Academy isn’t a good fit if:

  • You’re looking for a quick dropshipping course to connect with AliExpress
  • You need a highly customized shop with custom coding (contact me if this is the case)
  • You are growing on a platform other than Shopify (the content is centered around the technicalities of the Shopify platform, so it may not be a good fit for other platforms)

Creating or Updating Your  Own Shopify Store?

Check out SHOP ACADEMY. An online course that pulls together 10 years of resources, strategies and education into a portal you have lifetime access to. 

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Coming Spring 2021.

Shop Academy FAQ

Do you tech dropshipping?

No. There are many dropshippers out there who can build sites for you, and create courses but in my experience dropshipping does not allow good customer service and isn't a long term sustainable business model. There are some instances that I use it, but this program is not focussed around dropshipping.

How much will the program be?

The program is still in development, so the price is still being established. It will likely fall in the $400 - $600USD range. Sign up to find out when it's live!

Do I need to be a developer to join?

No, this is a no-code course. Everything we cover will be attainable without the use of custom code. However, there will be instances where I offer a snippet, and walk you through how to include it, but it's totally optional.

Do you offer discounts for non-Americans?

I understand paying USD can be prohibitive given the exchange rate, so I'm working on some parity pricing for those outside the US :)