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Marget is f*cking rad, and one of the few developers that I would trust in a heartbeat on any of my projects without a moment’s hesitation!

Kind, collaborative, and smart as hell, she’s someone you want on your team (and I don’t say that lightly!!)

Marie Poulin ~ MariePoulin.com

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How to Rank High in Google

I know, I know. I get it. This title sounds super ‘click-baity’, but bear with me for a few seconds. This is NOT an article that includes “5 top tips for ranking high in Google” or “the Secret Sauce to SEO”, nope. This is a real life evergreen strategic approach in how to gradually, organically increase

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Changing Comment Titles in WordPress

Customize the title of the comment area on your WordPress Blog.

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Join my mailing list for free updates, tech tips & tricks
and general musings on life as an entrepreneur