About me and my qualifications

Hey I’m Margaret,

About 12 years ago, I dove DEEP into the world of web development. I loved the instant feedback of writing a line of code and seeing it render in the browser.

I gradually built my business over the years by building these beautiful sites for clients, and I noticed a trend starting about 8 years ago. Clients were looking for solutions to put their knowledge into purchasable programs, and make them widely available to their audience base.

My love of online learning was born.

These world-class experts in their field were now able to share their knowledge at scale.

At that time, all websites and online course systems needed a web developer to support them and the coding was required for all launches and configurations.

Things have come a long way in the last 8 years. Now there are dozens of no-code tools, and system softwares that allow you to create an online program and share your expertise with the world.


Therein lies another set of problems, and that’s where I come in.

The plethora of softwares and tools available to the average creator is overwhelming to say the least.

You’re in luck! I’ve created and launched over 100 online programs for clients, with over 90,000 students around the globe for my clients over the years.

I’ve helped my clients create 7-figure launches with ebooks, courses, workshops, checklists and a variety of other digital goods. We also combine physical products with their digital goods!

I’ve gained SO MUCH knowledge and experience and now I’m super stoked to bring that knowledge to you, and save you literally hundreds of hours of research, and trial and error.

Let’s dig in.

Here are the niches I have been immersed in the last decade. If you’re business model is on this list, and you’re on the struggle bus, we are going to be a great match:

  • Online Course Creators
  • Online Membership Creators
  • Digital Products


There are sooo many solutions out there for your business, and I’m here to help you decide which ones you need, and most importantly, which you don’t.

Here’s how you can work with me:

You can find all my links HERE.