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Are you emotionally exhausted? Feel like you are just going through the motions……..


When people imagine burnout, it’s often this frazzled image of someone, who is physically exhausted and visibly distressed. It often appears this way, and can also take more insidious forms as well.


Do you find yourself not interested in the stuff that used to make you excited, or withdrawing from loved ones because you just don’t have the energy to fully support them? These can also be a version of burnout.


2020 has taken its toll on everyone, especially small businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur and feeling the effects of burnout, you’re not ALONE! My personal story of burnout manifested into weekly visits to the hospital to get IV iron and blood transfusions for a full year. It took almost two years to recover from, and is still being managed daily. I will fully expand on my story down the line, but in the meantime I was able to chat with some friends on the Business of Freelancing Podcast about what burnout means, how it manifests differently in everyone, and how we manage it daily.


Check out the episode all about burnout to hear about our collective experiences and ways we’ve dealt with it!

Link here https://linktr.ee/Margreff