Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting can save you a ton of time in your online business.

Who is it for?

Tech Consultations are the most valuable for 2 kinds of business owners:

  • Those who are just starting up and want to start their business off with the most effective tech setup, and best fitted softwares.
  • Those who have an established online business who want to see what options are out there to improve their technical and/or launch processes.

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PS: After payment, you will be given a calendar link to book a day and time.

Technical Consulting FAQ

How much does it cost?

$250 per consult up to 75 minutes.

How long is the session?

The session is 75 minutes in length. This allows us to have a quick intro, and do a deep dive on your business for the full hour.

Will is be recorded?

If you like! I'm happy to record the session, as we do go into a lot of technical components, so many find it good to hang on to.

Do you need more than one session?

A lot of insight is gathered in this session, and people find it's often enough to take the next steps. If you have a more complex business, we may need more than one to solidity your technical roadmap.