Project: Kilimanjaro Education Foundation

About The Kilimanjaro Education Foundation

KEF was founded in 2006 by Todd Grossman. They are a grassroots organization that builds schools in Tanzania.

They are constantly visiting new public schools and scoping out the most urgent projects. There is a huge problem at the moment of public secondary schools not having enough classrooms to accept all the new entrants from primary schools and KEF is helping alleviate this issue in particular as well as the ongoing need for water and adequate sanitation solutions at these schools, amongst other things.



We decided to build this site on WordPress to allow pages to be easily updated, and added. WordPress has a dashboard that is familiar to many users, and since the board is a group of busy professionals making big differences in  the world, we chose to harness their current knowledge of WordPress to lower the learning curve and allow them to updates the website quickly and with ease.

We also wanted to integrate a donation platform directly into the website to create a seamless experience for those with the generosity to donate. After some research, we decided to go with DonorBox. DonorBox has an easy-to-navigate user interface, and the ability to embed the forms directly into any website for a seamless look.

Tech List

  • WordPress
  • DonorBox



As with many non-profit’s, the strategy is awareness and donations. The goal in design was to make a bright and clear way for people to know about the purpose and be able to contribute.

We were supplied with excellent images of the children’s smiling faces, so we wanted to highlight  the happiness KEF brings to these communities.



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