Project: Kim Anami

About Kim Anami

Kim Anami is a Holistic Sex + Relationship Coach. She is a fountain of information, with sharp wit, and a big personality. It is always a challenge to infuse a personality into a website, but with Kim’s stunning photography she makes it easy.

The design was done by Rachel Pesso and full development by myself and the team.

Kim is a globe-trotting coach, national media commentator and luxury retreat curator. She runs a bodaciously blooming business, and insists on only the highest quality of products, including a collection of couture crystal and maribou dildos.

She runs online salons and is on a mission to improve the sex life of everyone on earth!



This project was a bear, and there’s a lot of moving parts behind the scenes that you don’t see at first perusal of the website. We developed a custom membership portal, that you are able to access seamlessly on mobile and desktop after signing up.

Tech List

  • WordPress
  • CRM
  • API/Javascript
  • Custom Portal



To protect the privacy of mine, and my clients long hours of strategy development, we can’t go into specific strategy detail. The challenge was to create an easy-to-navigate website and series of funnels that highlight the online salons, while providing a ton of value along the way. I’m happy to say that it was a success!



Mobile Views

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