Project: Natural Care Clinic

About The Natural Care Clinic Shop

The Natural Care Clinic is a brick and mortar Naturopathic Clinic who wanted to make their supplements available for purchase online.

This website proposed a new challenge, because they wanted their practitioners to be able to assign prescriptions online, and have them easily fulfilled through the Shopify portal.

We were up for the challenge and created a seamless experience where practitioners can create an account for their patient and fill their account with their supplement prescription. The customer then just needs to login and checkout their supplement plan. They can also set these of subscriptions payments so there supplements can be set to automatically re-order and deliver when they would typically run out.

This takes out a lot of the work for both the  practitioner and the patient.



This was built solely on Shopify with custom coding integrated.



The Naturopathic Clinic is a high traffic clinic, so this shop was meeting a demand that was already in place. Also, since we’ve implemented a lot of automation for patients, they are eager to hop on board.



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