Project: The Belle Method

About The Belle Method

The Belle Method is developed by Nikki Bergen. A Pilates Instructor, pelvic health specialist and pregnant mama advocate who is passionate about maintaining pelvic (and overall) heath through pregnancy.

Before the current site, Nikki had a website that she was rapidly outgrowing, and wanted the ability to offer more to her users, and be able to continue to grow her brand well into the future.



Nikki has numerous online courses, in-person trainings, retreats and workshops. We wanted the ability to seamlessly import a large batch of existing customers who already have accounts on the site, without them experiencing interruptions in their existing account. To do this, we decided to go with the same cart software she was already using for a seamless experience for her customers. Here is the tech on her website:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Mailchimp
  • Custom work and full custom theme


Nikki has an incredible online presence, and will continue to grow her customer base over visual mediums like Instagram. She is also working on some really exciting offerings coming down the pipeline.



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