What’s included in a custom build:

  • Full discovery period included
  • Full custom web design and custom web development
  • Includes development on Shopify or WordPress platform
  • 60 days of phone and email support following deployment
  • 1 year of full backups
  • Discounts on continued retainer packages
  • Total immersion into your brand to optimize funnels, sales processes, and correct inefficiencies.


Who is a good candidate for a custom built website:

You are a good candidate if you are currently running an online, or brick-and-mortar business, and have outgrown your current website.

In the process of creating your new website, we will closely examine what has worked well in your existing website and what needs to be changed to cater to current, and future growth of your brand.

Every business is different, so this process is very much catered to your company’s individual needs.

Please note, or mission is to assist your growth, and to work in the best interest of you and your clients, so if you are not sure if this is the right service for you, please contact us to see if it’s the right fit.


Why all of our websites are built from scratch:

  • Code efficiency to optimize load time
  • Reduce unnecessary plugins, and potentially harmful components
  • Full control over aesthetic and branding
  • Custom built dashboard for ease of use when editing
  • Reduce feature overwhelm, to create an easily-navigated, focussed website
  • Ability to include more complex functionality than pre-built themes
  • Built for growth specifically for your brand


Why we don’t use pre-built themes:

If you are starting off your online business journey, pre-built themes are a great way to refine your messaging, get your name out there quickly, and focus on building an audience with minimum upfront costs. However, as your company grows, your needs may become more complex and unique, so it’s not uncommon to outgrow the functionality of a pre-built theme. IF this is you, we’re here to help!

There are other less-discussed reasons that we, as a company, have decided not to use pre-built themes. These drawbacks have come from experience over the last decade of website development:

  • Themes are coded by a third party, so it’s possible that the person creating them has included malicious, and/or tracking code
  • Many themes use a drag n’ drop interface, which is good for use on the client side, but can often cause long loading times, frequent updating, and incompatibility with other desired functionality
  • These themes are built for the masses, so they build in a ton of functionality added to cater to a large number of potential users. This can make the codebase bloated, difficult to build on to, overwhelming for clients, and negatively impact loading time

Caveat: we do use some pre-built themes from Shopify because they have a higher standard of quality control in the Shopify marketplace.


Why Shopify and WordPress are used as the core software:

As they say, do one thing and do it well. In this case we do just that. Well… we do a small variety of things really well. After assessing the wants, needs and our ability for customization, these are the frameworks that we’ve dedicated our time to mastering.

The reason we chose these two is because they are independently highly functional and customizable, as well as the fact that they work well together. Many clients have a hybrid combination of the two, depending on their needs.


Questions about custom builds? Contact us here, or hop into the chatbox on the lower right corner of the screen.