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Are you a website owner, or do you have someone on your team who runs your online presence?

This mailing list acts as a monthly digest, informing you of everything you need to know about security, industry updates, website optimization, and legal considerations.

This newsletter is distributed on a monthly basis, with a break down and overview state of the industry, with an extrra emphasis on any actions that you should be taking to make your online presence safer, more visible, in compliance with the law, and and accessible to all internet users.

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Monthly Digest FAQ

How often do you send out emails?

Once per month.

Do you sell or release your database of email addresses?

Never! Your privacy and confidentiality is taken very seriously.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Absolutely! I get it, email can get overwhelming. Leave at any time, and you’ll always be welcome back.

Who writes the newsletters?

Margaret writes and responds to all of the newsletters personally

Is there a fee to join?

No, it’s absolutely free. We’re always doing a boat-load of research for clients to keep them at the cutting edge, so that’s the information we want to make available to members in a monthly abridged format.

Is it only about WordPress and Shopify?

No, these will be genral practices, rules, government legislations and evolutionary steps of the internet. This information can be applied to any website.

Who writes the newsletters?

Margaret writes and responds to all of the newsletters personally.