What is an Online Course?

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What is an Online Course?

You may be familiar with online courses under different names like “Online Program”, “Membership Content Portal”, and the newest term on the scene “Knowledge Commerce” — which refers to the selling of one’s own knowledge for profit.

The many forms of online courses

When we talk about online courses, they are often approached with unfamiliarity and even skepticism, but the reality is online courses and programs have become a regular part of our lives, especially since 2020.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw all schools move online as well as all professional trainings, conferences, and seminars. This threw the traditional schooling and employment systems into chaos. We were not prepared for this whatsoever (and some still aren’t).

Love it or hate it, the world of online learning is here to stay, so we better get good at delivering.

What are the pros and cons? Why can’t we just go back to “the way things were”?

Economic globalization has been pushing us into this direction for years. The pandemic just accelerated what was eventually going to happen in the world of education. We can’t go back, instead we must get better at moving forward.

The Pro’s of Online Education

– No commute! Save gas and money
– Convenient
– Comfortable and private
– Recorded in case initial stream is missed

The Con’s of Online Education

– Missing crucial socialization
– Does not match all learning types
– Heavily reliant on technology that may nat be available to many
– Technology failings and glitches
– Difficult to monitor plagarism

All in all, the pros will end up outweighing the cons because most cons can be easily overcome with a hybrid model, and continued developments in testing and security. A combination of online material and in person practical workshops I believe is the future.

So it’s best to get on board, because online learning isn’t going anywhere.

Looking forward to what we can create together,