Join me for weekly workshops to hang out and jam on all things ecommerce!

We’ll explore a few ecommerce platforms, answer Shopify questions, conduct some site reviews, test out apps, and chat about marketing and growth.

Each workshop is planned to be about 30 minutes, but there’s always room for questions and an extended discussion.

Please Note: These workshops have a “let’s hang with friends and learn a few things” vibe, as opposed to an overly structured lesson plan. Come with questions, and leave with that warm fuzzy feeling of connection.

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Upcoming Workshops

  • WooCommerce vs Shopify
  • Top favourite 3 Apps
  • SEO for Shopify
  • Many more…

Have suggestions on topics? Send me an email, I’d love your input.


Workshop Archive

Missed a workshop? No problem! View the recordings below.

April/May 2021