Online Course Creation

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Let’s talk about online courses.


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Love them or hate them, they’re not going anywhere.

I’ve been creating online courses for clients for the last 10 years behind the scenes as a web developer, and now I’m going in front of the camera to help you guys build out your own courses that are high value and and built with integrity.

Over the years of building, all of the successful course creators have had these 3 things in common.

Constant content creation – the content treadmill is real, and it works — you gotta be visible online to stay relevant!

Authenticity and connection — people can smell a lack of integrity and phoniness from a mile away, so they will align with creators who have the same vales as them.

Usability of content — the content is useful, and enough for the users to take action, even if it’s to successfully complete one task that they were not able to do before the course.

Finally, spending money is not strictly logical there’s a huge emotional component, so connection is key.

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What’s your zone of genius?

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When I first read about the “Zone of Genius”, I had an internal twinge. As if to say “Genius? pfft, I’m lucky if I don’t trip over my cat on the way to the washroom”. But as I read more about it, it really is just another word for ‘flow’ or being ‘in the zone’.

Genius is simple, but not always easy.

Genius is flowing, but needs a direction.

Genius is passion, but not always pleasure.

Genius is excitement, and often intense.

Genius is desire.

The world needs your genius.

The zone of genius question is what I always ask clients to start with when it comes to creating their online programs (or expanding their existing library), so let’s start at the beginning.

What’s your zone of genius?

I can’t wait to see where it takes you!

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PS: If you’d like to read more about the zone of genius, there is a great , and the book.