Podcast Host

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Do you know I have a podcast?

Well… I actually have two. I have one season of a solo podcast that I created, and now I’m entering the 3rd season of a panel podcast I’ve created with a few business pals.

They’re both about freelance and entrepreneurship and you can check them out on your favorite streaming platform.

Solo Show: Freelance Freedom


Panel Show: The Business of Freelancing


Both in link: https://linktr.ee/Margreff

Approach EVERYTHING with a learning mindset

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Approach EVERYTHING with a learning mindset.

No one was born knowing everything. We all learn at different rates, so don’t be embarrassed to ask questions at any point.

That’s how I’ve learned everything I have today about building a business for myself, as well as building online businesses for clients.

The clients who have the most success are always the ones who never stop learning and creating. I see it over and over, and it’s always the common denominator among the success I’ve witnessed.

Learn, fail, pivot and learn again!

What’s something new you’ve wanted to learn? I’ve always wanted to build my own PC, so I think that’s up next on my 2021 list!

Gift Guide

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Are you in Canada, and looking to shop local?

I’ve put together some of my client’s products, as well as a few friends’ favorites, and compiled them into my Canada Gift Guide.

Link here:

This is a brand new guide I’ve created that I’ll always be adding to, so send me some of your favorite Canadian brands and I’ll include them! 


Note: I don’t receive any compensation from the companies included in this guide, I’m looking to make local shopping more accessible.



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Are you emotionally exhausted? Feel like you are just going through the motions……..


When people imagine burnout, it’s often this frazzled image of someone, who is physically exhausted and visibly distressed. It often appears this way, and can also take more insidious forms as well.


Do you find yourself not interested in the stuff that used to make you excited, or withdrawing from loved ones because you just don’t have the energy to fully support them? These can also be a version of burnout.


2020 has taken its toll on everyone, especially small businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur and feeling the effects of burnout, you’re not ALONE! My personal story of burnout manifested into weekly visits to the hospital to get IV iron and blood transfusions for a full year. It took almost two years to recover from, and is still being managed daily. I will fully expand on my story down the line, but in the meantime I was able to chat with some friends on the Business of Freelancing Podcast about what burnout means, how it manifests differently in everyone, and how we manage it daily.


Check out the episode all about burnout to hear about our collective experiences and ways we’ve dealt with it!

Link here https://linktr.ee/Margreff

You have what it takes to run a business

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You have what it takes to run a business!


My friend Michele tweeted the other day that people should hear more often that they ARE capable of running a business, especially from a young age.


Damn, I never knew this sentence was so triggering to me, but here we are. The reason it’s triggering is because growing up, like many, I was surrounded by societal, familial and social relationships that discourage free thought and expression.

Throughout my 20’s I always had ‘crazy’ ideas, and my whole life I was told things like “that’s not a lady’s job” and “that idea is ridiculous” as well as boyfriends straight up telling me “you don’t have what it takes to run a business”. Luckily, that just ended up causing me to question the status quo more and more, and ultimately understand how insecurities, and scarcity are projected. Well… that ends with me. I see way too many grown-ass adults tearing young people down.

So if anyone tells you you’re not capable of doing something, remember two things

  1. Consider the source. Notice how it’s never successful people tearing you down?
  2. In the words of Brene Brown, “If you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your opinion”


So, I am here to tell you… Yes, you DO have what it takes to run a business! Now go for it! 

BFCM Hangover

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BFCM Hangover⁣

How did you manage navigating the biggest shopping weekend of the year as a merchant and as a customer?⁣



It’s always a busy time in the world of ecommerce. Here’s 3 things my ecom clients have done to improve sales when the competition is high.

1. Focus on the unboxing experience. Packaging is something that’s so often overlooked by vendors, but creating an exciting unboxing experience for your customers will elevate your brand and allow your customers to share that experience on social (FREE ADVERTISING!!!)

2. Good customer support. Holy moly is customer service ever awful these days. A speedy resolution to a customer problem will go a long way. The goal is simple, fix the issue quickly, and elevate their experience so they will always remember you, and turn into a recurring client.⁣
3. Bonus Offerings!! To many peoples surprise, I’m actually not a fan of discounting goods and services. I’ve seen higher profits, and increased sales through client sites when they choose to add more bonuses, as opposed to offer discounts (I am a fan of offering deals through subscription services, but that’s another conversation)⁣

There are so many more strategies when it comes to selling online, but only so much that fits in a single post, so I’ll do a few more of these lists,  So be sure to stay tuned!

“Do I need a website?”

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“Do I need a website?”

This is the most frequently asked question I get from people who are looking to start their business.

The answer is YES!!!

Here are the top 3 reasons why:

  1.  You don’t own Facebook/Instagram. Having a social presence is great, but you don’t own these platforms, so at any moment you could lose all of your content. So backup your content, and put it on your own website as well.
  2.  You want search engines to start ranking your name and/or associated business. Social helps with this, but you also need your own domain to build authority in your field.
  3.  Make your services clear to your clients! Creating a short web page with your services and contact info listed, allows people to easily find you and what you offer.

You don’t need anything extravagant. If you’re beginning, start with something like Squarespace, and if you want to take things to the NEXT LEVEL! Contact me!