What are no code platforms?

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What are no code platforms?

In the last 2 – 3 years there’s been a large emergence in what are called “no code” tools in the online world.

What is “no code”, and what are those platforms?

The term “no code” refers to tools and platforms a person can use that accomplish something online without the need to use code. The no-code movement is meant to allow a high amount of flexibility and customization fo non-developers.

What can “no code” tools and platforms accomplish?

These days, just about anything! Whether it’s a content creator looking to build a simple blog, to a startup company creating a complex app, there’s more and more solutions everyday that allow the average person to bring their vision to life without any programming experience.

What are some examples of “no code” tools?

Some of the most popular no-code tools out there, you are probably already very familiar with. Here are a few very popular companies dedicated to creating products and resources that can be usable by nearly everyone.

  • Shopify — build your own e-commerce website
  • Squarespace — build and deploy your own website
  • Bubble — create a custom app from scratch
  • Zapier — connect a bunch of different platforms together, and allow information to be transferred from one to another automatically with prompts
  • And many more…

Will “no code” mean the end of developers?

No way! In this movement, we need developers more than ever. Developers won’t go away, but their roles will begin to change dramatically. My prediction is we will no longer need web developers to build websites, stores, and online program portals, but rather developers will take on more of a role to build the tools that people can use to build these things themselves.

This also opens up a whole other industry of “technical consultants/advisors” who know these tools inside and out, and will act as a guide for their clients to navigate and configure no-code systems, because no matter what there will always be a large number of people who want to contract this work out, instead of navigating this landscape alone.

Get ready for the world of no-code, it’s exciting and accelerating quickly, so get on board!

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